People of Passion

Matt says, "Anyone can find the dirt," but his goal is, "to find the gold in others and help them break out of their limiting constraints!"

I want to provide great sports instruction, but I also strive to go way BEYOND.  I want young ladies to leave encouraged and self confident that they can reach goals they set for themselves.  I hope we show them how lovely they are and help affirm their individual inner beauties.  With our young men, I hope to celebrate their maleness and the energy (wildness) that coincides.  Every guy wants to be a hero, a knight, a warrior, a king.  I hope to be a part of equipping our future knights, warriors, and kings with integrity and valor. 

At Summit, we understand that our participants will be future businessmen, politicians, teachers, coaches and parents long after they’ve left our sport or mountain.  The coaches and folks involved will remember the end goal is to equip them with skills that will enable them to overcome obstacles as they climb their own mountains and reach their own life goals with character and class."