We help individuals ACHIEVE MORE through experiential, adventure based learning.

  • Experience - We don’t do tours! We dive into the voyage with you. We believe the greatest classroom is no classroom at all. With Adventures Beyond, learning it is experiencing it.  We rappel the huge cliffs, explore the depths of the deepest/darkest caves, jump off the wildest wateralls and fully live a weekend full throttle!  When your life flashes before your'll have a lot to watch from this trip!
  • Challenging Adventure - Adventures Beyond will take you where no one else dares to go. Group sizes are kept small to maintain the challenging atmosphere and have the flexibility to adapt to each groups needs.  You’ll  achieve more than you ever imagined and check a bunch off your bucket list. Some groups add a backcountry adventure race, or survivor element.  Some groups build in time for discussion or their own curriculum. 
  • Thought Provoking Challenges - Beyond just adventure-- the wilderness is the original playstation, but also a great platform for reflection.  The guides are intentional about relating the adventure to life.  Utilizing quotes and quick nuggets to "think on".  Years after trips many comment that that it was the best weekend of their life, but also that they still think about the thought challenges, and they live differently as a result!  This is our goal.  Beyond great adventure!

The adventure we had was truly beyond my expectations. Matt expertly led our group of four fathers and sons through riverside trails, backcountry camping, rappelling, kayaking, and jumping off cliffs. Exactly what we were looking to experience together. What stood out above the outdoor adventures was the character building and special insights weaved throughout our activities. Our final day tied it all together with cave diving and a heartfelt ceremony. All of us were impacted by the experience. My son and I continue to look back on this trip as the best thing we have ever done together.
— Charles Bell // Orlando, FL


We are just a bunch of guys pursuing God's unique design for our lives as He takes us to the edge.

We are definitely…
Beyond the beaten path
Beyond limitations
Beyond your expectations



Student Ministries
College and Career Groups
Men's Ministries
Father-Teen Trips
Sports Teams
Private Groups
Business Teams


Our trips are currently offered in Tennessee and North Carolina. Trips are very accessible from FL, SC, GA, AL, MO, AR, MS, KY, WV, VA, and NC.

When our trips conclude we hope your groups' adventures have just begun.




The Mountain
Rappelling, Waterfall Jumping, Backcountry Trekking, streamcrossings, cable bridge, strenuous ascents and teamwork are essential to arrive at our raging riverside basecamp in the mountain gorge.  


Underground Explorations
Uncommercialized, backcountry caves just waiting to be explored. With lights shining, we go deep as we discover a world very few ever encounter. Half-day trips.  For the super extreme, some choose the Birth Canal--ask about this if you dare.


Indoor Climbing Clinics
Our Indoor Climbing clinics are a great preparation for the mountain or can be an adventure in themselves. Learn the ropes, get acquainted with the gear, and climb and ascend a wall or static line. All gear is provided. Half-day trips. Everyone will learn to recognize and use the following climbing gear:     
Carabiner, Harness, Quickdraw,  Leash, Cam, 
Figure 8, ATC Device, Rope Protector, GriGri


Water Sports
Bring your bathing suits, some choose to jump off waterfalls and cliffs, or learn to roll whitewater kayaks, or raft the areas best whitewater rivers!


Father/Son Trips
These trips are IMPACTFUL and IMPORTANT for our boys!  We do a half-time trip, when sons are 8-11 (half the time we've got them under our roof).  The focus is on the second half, new responsibilities/expectations from dads.  Then a final quarter trip at 12-14 (when boys are making important decisions that affect life trajectory) and manhood trips for 16-20 year olds.  These often conclude deep in a cave with a manhood ceremony as fathers welcome their sons into the "circle of manhood" and give their blessing and challenge to live by a pure, speak truth, right wrongs, and follow the king.  The boys are invited into the honor of going and showing themselves a MAN!  These are critical trips, and it's important you get it right.  Let us give you contact info from past fathers who have participated with their sons so you can get their perspective.  


Combination Treks
Some like to do one adventure at a time—others combine adventures to meet their needs. Each of our trips involves crisis of belief encounters inherent to the adventure. We can also add teambuilding games to any adventure or schedule time for you to do your own thing. Just let us know how we can custom create an experience that is just right for you and your group.

Suggested Clothing and Equipment

We recommend you wear lightweight, light colored, long sleeve pants and long sleeved shirt over a t-shirt. Bring multiple layers in cold weather. Swim suit and strap on Sandals for Summer water fun.  For trekking, we recommend good hiking boots with ankle protection, but many have been minimalists and been fine with just sandals. We recommend you bring a backpack: headlamp, dry snack food, filled plastic water bottle, sleeping bag or blanket. If you wish, bring insect repellant, poison ivy block, first-aid kit, something to read, cards, hand warmers, etc. If requested, we often provide hammocks, water purifier, cooking stove, pots, utensils, fuel, backcountry meals, harnesses, helmets, ropes, climbing gear, fire starters, first aid kit, saws, toilet paper

We recommend you wear “old and nasty” long sleeve pants, long sleeve shirt over a swimsuit and t-shirt, and old shoes or boots. Whatever is worn in the cave will never again be the same. Bring a plastic bag for your dirty clothes and a change of clothes and towel for your ride home. Bring a headlamp with charged batteries.