Our daughter started tumbling with Matt in August. She absolutely loves it. Matt is hands on. The students get personal attention. The gym is top notch. It’s clean, well cared for, and a safe environment. I highly recommend it if your child is looking for a gym to tumble.
— Rachel Williams Samulski
My daughter started tumbling with Matt in August and I can honestly say she never leaves without a smile on her face. Even when things don’t go the way she would like Matt always has a way of turning the negative into a positive. His attitude about tumbling and life in general make attending his lesson a true joy. Matt, I cannot thank you enough for all you do for Reese to build her up and help her grow as an athlete and a young lady
— Shannon Hamilton
Matt is Raelee Scarbrough’s all time favorite and she is missing him so much right now! Counting down the days to the end of basketball season so they may be reunited Matt Guldan You are inspiring, a wonderful motivator and have a box of secret tricks to get your students to try things they wouldn’t feel comfortable trying anywhere else. I guess to sum it up.... They love and trust you and know you have their back and are willing to fall with them lol... I have videos... Whether you are a beginner with a cartwheel or an experienced tumbler with a full “Matt has you on the mat”.
— Stephanie Scarbrough
I have learned more from Matt Guldan these past two years than in my whole cheer career. He always pushes me to try my best and to go to the next level. Always encouraging and has a funny joke and smile on his face. A wonderful mentor and Christ like figure. I’m looking forward to many more years at the gym with Matt. Not to mention his new space is awesome!!!
— Raelee Alexandria Scarbrough
Brylee & Katherine love to come each week not only to tumble but to cut up with their “teacher” Matt! Matt pushes the girls to do their absolute best! I wish the girls could go twice a week! Thanks for everything Matt!
— Brandi Crouse
Matt has taught my daughter to be a good tumbler, but more importantly he has taught her to be a better person and to always believe in herself and the rest will come
— Terri DeMartino Pinto
My daughter attended Matt’s tumbling class and was suffering from a severe mental block. My code name for Matt is “Magic Matt”. He was able to rebuild her confidence and repair some bad tumbling habits she had developed. I highly recommend is fun yet challenging teaching style for all levels of tumblers
— Crystal Washington
I used to tumble with Matt when I was a little younger (and some recently too), we have gone on adventures with him, and my daughter recently had her 2nd birthday party with Matt. He’s like family to myself and my whole family (including my younger brothers). You get to learn great new skills, life lessons you can carry on throughout your life, and a major boost in confidence and self-esteem no matter your skill or experience level. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.
— Rachel Runyan
My kids loved the Hero Training class! It helped my son build his confidence and endurance to not quit when things got hard. Coach Matt was also so patient with him when he had a hard time listening from being so excited. We can’t wait to be able to go back!
— Kim Mars McCullough
My daughter has done several different tumbling classes but none of them match the progress she has made with Matt. It’s a bonus that Matt always makes the class fun!
— Jenny Snow Saganski
From a parents point of view we think you have the perfect balance of having fun and still teaching what they need to learn. We also really enjoy the open gyms and fun classes that they offer at Summit Sports Training Center.
— Adam Watson
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— Jonathan L.
Tumbling with Matt has not only made me a better tumbler but also a better person. Matt offers great life lessons and wisdom that’s easier to hear from him than my parent. As my tumbling coach he has been patient, caring, and such a great encouragement. He believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself. He knows what to say to keep pushing me forward.
— Keelie Woody


I have known Matt Guldan and worked with Adventures Beyond since 2004. We first began using Adventures Beyond with teen age guys who spend their high school years in a weekly small group. We take the guys out for a weekend of high adventure and team building. We also bring the dads into the picture for a memorable weekend father son experience. When I became the Director of the Knoxville Fellows, I again used Matt and Adventures Beyond for our first weekend of our Fellows year. All activities have been most professional and extremely safe. We continue to use Matt annually with at least two events. I give Matt my highest recommendation!
— Rick Kuhlman // Colonel (Rtd.) United States Air Force // Director, Knoxville Fellows Program
Our experience with Adventures Beyond has always been very positive. Matt runs a wonderful program full of physical and mental challenges. The setting in the gym and wilderness combine for a truly life compelling experience. God is glorified in each element of the program and all who participate are encouraged toward intentional and adventurous living.
— Dr. Ken Friday
The adventure we had was truly beyond my expectations. Matt expertly led our group of four fathers and sons through riverside trails, backcountry camping, rappelling, kayaking, and jumping off cliffs. Exactly what we were looking to experience together. What stood out above the outdoor adventures was the character building and special insights weaved throughout our activities. Our final day tied it all together with cave diving and a heartfelt ceremony. All of us were impacted by the experience. My son and I continue to look back on this trip as the best thing we have ever done together.
— Charles Bell--FL
My son and I along with a group of other fathers/sons from our church were looking for an amazing “passage to manhood” type of trip when we discovered Matt and Adventures Beyond. We had a lot of questions going into it, but Matt helped us craft and customize an amazing trip. Matt¹s expertise, professionalism, character, and most importantly heart for this type of trip made it an incredible experience and truly exceeded our expectations on every front. We¹ve sent other groups from our church and I can¹t wait for my younger son to be old enough for a repeat adventure.
Save yourself a lot of time and work and take an adventure with Matt.
You¹ll make a memory for a lifetime and be richer having Matt as a friend.
— Scott Puckett // Pastor Christ Kingdom Church, Orlando
Matt, I wanted to tell you that after many years, my son and I still talk about the adventure you took us on. It was a family of cousins and in laws. Exploring that cave was a great memory we could have never done on our own. Thank you so much for challenging us to go further than we thought we could!
— Ted Bennett